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Frog Belly Farm is a local family farm. In an age where most people are removed from their food source, visiting a local, family farm provides an essential and unforgettable educational experience. Visitors can see first hand the circle of life. Animals help feed our plants with nutrient-rich manure that we make into compost to fertilize the plants. The plants provide food for humans and the animals that live on the farm. And in turn, the animals use the food we share with them to make healthy meat, milk, and eggs.

We welcome groups from schools, churches, businesses, seniors, and families. We will adjust the address the age and interest of participants. Tours are led by one of the farmers who will walk with your group and dialog about what is happening on the farm. All seasons are beautiful on the farm, and we encourage groups to make multiple visits to experience the changes during the year. We are open March-November, Monday-Friday. We also offer tours on select Saturdays of the month. For people who want to participate more regularly please CLICK HERE for our volunteer program.

We offer two levels of visits- an educational tour or a working visit.


Learn about our farm on a guided tour with one of our farmers. The tour lasts about one hour. Participants will see the animals and all the other seasonal activities on the farm. We have grassy areas for picnics after your tour.

COST: $5.00 per person with a $75.00 minimum.

Tour Includes:

A walk around the fields and our 3 greenhouses with a famer.

Visiting the donkeys, chickens, goats, pigs and cows.

Depending on the season, your tour may include:

Taking an orchard walk and learning about fruit trees

An introduction to the herb garden

Feeding or petting animals


Working visits are approximately 5 hour educational tours and the additional opportunity of working alongside our farmers. A hands-on, age appropriate activity will be arranged depending on the season and the age of the participants.

COST: $250 for up to 25 people and $10 for each additional person.

Participants will work directly with the farmers doing one of more of the following:

- ground preparation

- thinning and weeding

- planting

- transplanting

- cultivating

- fertilizing

- help with the harvest

- animal chores


To schedule a group tour of the farm email heather at

For more info: email us or call at 303-772-7802


The Bond Between

People, Food

& Nature