How We Grow

  • We never use genetically modified (GMO) seed, feed or animals
  • We employ both organic and biodynamic methods, however we are not certified
  • We only use biological farming techniques to manage pests
  • We never use any growth hormones
  • We use herbal remedies (tinctures, bach flower essences, and herbal preparations) in our animal care
  • We use organic kelp as free choice mineral for our animals
  • We know the story of the foods grown here and encourage those who are nourished by it to know them as well
  • We love what we do
  • We have a deep reverence for life and death (animal and plant)
  • We understand that all we harvest and eat is metabolized into everything we are
  • We understand that our bodies and spirits are a intricate culmination of the stories of all the plants and animals that live and die here
  • We celebrate the miraculousness of what this dear farm provides for your and our family
  • We are dedicated to sharing the story of agriculture
  • We are honored to provide vital, local food to our community
  • We are forever grateful to all things that make Frog Belly Farm sing
  • How we grow,

    Raising food, being a part of the constant exchange between us and the plants, soils and animals is such an honor. We are interwoven in this circle of life. We eat these plants and animals, and this action creates our flesh, bones, bodies, and spirits. Out of great respect for all that is living we never bring anything GMO onto the farm, nor do we use any chemical pesticides. What we love to do is create all our farm inputs here, we use our cow, goat and chicken manure to create our luscious compost piles that we tend to with love and prayer so that it made feed the garden and give all those dear seed the foods they need to be who they are.

    These plants, when harvested, give their dear lives to become food for our community, our animals and our soils. I love to think about how all the spirits of these dear plant and animal beings live their next lives as apart of our bodies- which inspires us to live well to continue the beautiful being-ness of all these plants and animals. It is the death of all these things that give us and all our loved ones life. How incredibly outstandingly miraculous it all is. When we do need inputs from outside the farm we source certified organic as much as possible and if for some reason we can not find certified organic we then find a small local producer who can certify that he grew his crops without the use of pesticides and herbicides or GMO's (often these small producers don't have the $ to get certification)

    We live daily with life and death, this brings with it so much grief and awe, but these emotions are felt by all of us who tend to this farm. I truly believe that since in all the deaths and births this grief and delightedness are felt it makes for more vital foods, the story of the plants and animals are known and shared. Because we are a small farm we walk through all of it sometimes with sadness and tears and sometimes with smiles and excited-ness, in this energetic exchange we give these plants and animals lots of love, intention, time, and in turn they give us their lives so that we may be nourished well. Bless this dear farm in all its magnificence small and large- from seed to sunshine to love to dirt to growth to hands to feet to bees to the moon and to all that lives and dies.

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    The Bond Between

    People, Food

    & Nature